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How to network for better employability through mentorship

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21 Apr 2022

We are constantly surrounded by people no matter what phase of life we're in. We have friends, elders, and teachers around us during our childhood. We are surrounded by peers, professors, corporates, or bosses in the later stages of our lives.

Have you thought about what impact they have on you and what impact you could have on them? Have you wondered how important this could be?

We have all come across the popular saying "Show me who your friends are and I'll tell you what you are." We are indeed the average person of the group or company that we keep. The sooner we realise the astonishing effect the people we surround ourselves with have on us, the better we understand the importance of the right people around us.

As demotivating and uninspiring as it gets with the wrong people around, it is also possible to feel equally motivated and inspired around the right people.


The Importance of Mentorship

The first and foremost step to any change you want to create within or around yourself is to precisely point at a problem and mitigate it. This involves cutting down people (even if it is partially) from your daily life.

Yes, it may seem hard or wrong in the beginning to cut people off. No matter how long you've known someone, if they're bringing you down in the slightest possible manner it is your responsibility and obligation to yourself to do yourself a favour! You're better off alone.

The next step is to realise the reverse effect of the same. There are always two sides to the same coin and it is essential to recognise those individuals that would actually help you make the right choices and move forward and upward both professionally and personally in life.

Try and keep these people around you. These are the ones that are not easily and readily available as the other half. But the little time you spend with them is worth more than hours spent with the other half. Keep them close!


The Benefits of Mentorship

If you're lucky enough to have the better half around you, try and learn from them as much as possible. A mistake that I have realised personally is not listening while I speak more.

When you speak, you tell out something (which may not be right as a young and inexperienced person) you already know. But when you listen, you have the chance to learn more than ever before.

Have the patience to just observe and listen to these individuals from whatever little time they give you. If you ask, there are a lot of people that are ready to help. You just need to ask!

These are the ones who are usually doing much better than you or have accomplished the goals that you have set for yourself. Those that are doing much better than you seldom have a reason to misguide you.

Choose your environment wisely and once you have, you'll benefit immensely from it in the following ways:

  • An ocean of life experiences: Usually the ones that have accomplished what you've set off to achieve are much elder, experienced, and wiser than you. They bring in advice that is backed by an ocean of past life experiences.

  • Domain expertise: Along with personal life experiences, they bring in loads of skill sets they acquired throughout their journey and point you in the right direction of choices for you to learn more efficiently and quickly.

  • Bird's eye view: As someone external to ourselves, they have a better understanding of our current and potential environments around us with a bigger picture in mind. They know you better than you know yourself, sometimes.

  • Experience through mistakes: These individuals have crossed similar paths and have made mistakes on their way. This helps them pinpoint potential mistakes or blunders we could make in our journey. Learning from their mistakes actually serves as a shortcut to success!

  • Choices or decision-making: As personal as a choice can be, it is always easier to make them while we are guided by someone credible. This does not guarantee a cent per cent success rate but obviously increases the probability of your choice being correct.

Smart ones learn from others' mistakes, average ones learn from their own, while the rest already know everything!

As someone who received so much, never forget to give it back! Throughout this process, make sure to guide those that are younger and less experienced than yourself.

Guide those in need without an agenda and you'll receive guidance without an agenda. Give back, so that you receive, and thus, give more back! Surround yourself with the right people today and let the younger ones who are seeking the same surround themselves with your presence.

Live a life of value to others on your small journey.


As an international student, here's a mentorship opportunity I wouldn't miss!

VicWISE in association with Jobs Victoria has a Mentorship program by Settlement Services International to place students and graduates with working rights into job placement pathways and career support through a comprehensive government-funded programme.


Benefits of the Programme

  • Students have the opportunity to access a Case Manager to manage and place them into a job most suitable for them.

  • Students will have targeted career counselling with tailored expertise – visa and legal requirements for temporary visa holders from a similar multicultural background.

  • Resume, CV, and Character Reference training.

  • This programme provides students with holistic care – including interview clothing and access to language classes.

  • Students can network and build relationships on VicWISE facilitated event nights.

  • Direct insight and career planning for long term residency in Australia – Skilled Occupations list opportunities.

  • Post-employment follow up and care for 6 months.

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