Modern Bridge

Our Approach



  • Promote the benefits of employing and offering work experience to international talent

  • Help employers unlock a dynamic talent pool of skillful, loyal and resilient employees


  • Educate employers more widely on conditions of employment, post-study work rights and the benefits of international diversity in the workplace

  • Identify the perceived barriers to employment and empower international students/graduates to overcome challenges in the employment market

  • Create greater awareness of the value propositions that international students/graduates bring to the community and economy

  • Empower students to adjust and over barriers to employment in Australia



  • Help map mindsets to better adapt to Australian workplace culture, etiquette and norms

  • Identify and address the needs of members and their organisation’s challenges

  • Offer career development support though resources, activities and referrals

  • Create guidelines and career planning materials for educational purposes

  • Work closely with education providers to help their students achieve employment in Australia


  • Share industry knowledge, resources and expertise that contribute to our purpose

  • Bring together like-minded professionals in the industry to build a support network

  • Cross-collaborate with sector/institutions/government and non-education programs

  • Develop and support projects, including grant/funding applications

  • Organise events, workshops, conferences and student-led initiatives

  • Foster greater participation amongst key employers in unleashing this engine of growth and innovation