Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission and Vision
VicWISE - the Victorian Working group on International Student Employability is a non-profit association with a single mission: To help International Students unlock opportunities for Employment. 

The Working group consists of all the 8 major Universities in Melbourne, Victorian TAFEs, Private Colleges and a number of employers who are all passionate about championing employability for international students.

The VicWISE mission is founded on 4 guiding principles:
1. Promoting international student employability - helping employers unlock a dynamic talent pool of skilful, loyal and resilient employees.

2. Advocating for international students - empowering students adjust and overcomes barriers to employment in Australia.

3. Supporting the higher educator sector - working closely with education providers to help their students achieve employment in Australia.

4. Collaborating with industry and government partners - fostering greater participation amongst key employers in unleashing this engine of growth and innovation.