Break the bias against Migrant Women

8th March 2022, a day the world celebrated International Women's Day, but do we practice its real essence - celebrating women from all walks of life? This Women's Day, an important question reverberated in my mind - are equal rights accessed by women regardless of their age, caste, gender and nationality?

This year’s campaign theme of International Women’s Day held on 8th March 2022 was “Break the Bias”.

In this fast-paced modern façade, there are cracks to be noticed, voices to be heard and stories to be documented - of all the women who are facing challenges each and every day right from the beginning of their own houses to their workplace.

Feminism loses its essence if its void of intersectionality! In many parts of the world, including Australia - a developed country, first-generation immigrant women face a bias on a day-to-day basis.

Many find themselves in a pool of social isolation in their own community, some face disruptions and difficulties in attaining livable housing!

Privileges of white feminism don't merely acknowledge the equal representation of women, it overshadows a dark truth - the under-representation of Multicultural and immigrant women.

Studies indicate that women who have migrated to Australia have an unemployment rate of 6.29 per cent, compared to 5.40 per cent for all Australian women and migrant men. Similarly, women who have migrated to Australia have a labor force participation rate of 66.95 per cent, compared to 68.53 per cent for all Australian women and 78.94 per cent for migrant men. These figures highlight the multiple obstacles that women from migrant and refugee backgrounds experience in comparison to our female non-migrant and male migrant counterparts. If women regardless of their age, sex, ethnicity grip the tentacles of patriarchy and stand in solidarity, they can bring a powerful change! This starts with the identification of the root cause - starting from the longstanding history of racism and patriarchy, dismantled belief systems of the society about women to conditioning of men and women right from an early age. To any international student or a migrant woman reading this blog, let's break the bias against migrant women. You are more than just being pretty! You are stronger than you think you are! There is absolutely nothing that we as women cannot achieve!

Let's redefine womanhood!

Yours Truly

- A first-generation immigrant


A strategic approach to improving employment outcomes of women from migrant and refugee backgrounds in Australia (2019).

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