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A Business/Data Analyst by profession and a mental health advocate, volunteer, blogger, and sports coach by passion.

🏓As a former national level table tennis player, I have had the opportunity to learn life skills like perseverance, resilience, discipline, coping with pressure, and learned humility in my triumphs. I currently coach others and help them learn the sport which has taught me leadership, planning, teamwork, and motivational skills.

✍🏼 Passionate about writing articles and blogs to exchange insightful thoughts and enjoy making creative pictures for blog posts. A self-help and business-book lover open to new learning opportunities and thought-provoking conversations.

🎗️ I have a strong desire to grow by helping others. A proactive volunteer by choice. As a believer in the core values of empathy and optimism, the goal is to contribute positively in my community. Kindness is strength.

🤝🏼 Always looking forward to potential synergies and networking with like-minded people to build valuable and meaningful human connections.

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Rahul Bharadwaj
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