7-Week Soft Skills Development Program

7-Week Soft Skills Development Program

Maxme offers human skills programs combined with gamified learning, seminars, and competitions to increase engagement and collaboration through its app.

Watch this video to learn more about the 7-week program and the app.

About the Program:


  • The Maxme Human Skills program aims to build critical self-awareness, creative problem-solving communication skills for increased engagement, productivity, and career satisfaction amongst the new and young workforce.

  • The course content is delivered via Hodie – an app developed based on proven by micro-learning training principles by Maxme.

  • Through this program, we’re leveling the playing field and addressing the global human skill gap.

  • This program welcomes both onshore and offshore international students, graduates, and early career professionals.

  • This is a 7-week comprehensive program for human skill development.

  • Your participation is voluntary.

  • Your course contents will be delivered through Maxme’s Hodie app which can be downloaded for free through Android/iPhones.

About VicWISE & Maxme partnership:

  • Our partnership with Maxme aims to solve the human skills gap at scale, and to empower and equip the younger generation with the right skills for a successful career.

  • Through this partnership, we hope to increase awareness of the fundamental human skill areas and encourage further development amongst the participants.

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