Skill Up

Digital Skill Up Program

VicWise and DSO have partnered to pilot the DSO SkillUP which is a digital online training platform making it easy for you to access free, online, digital upskilling courses, some can be done in less than an hour.

What does SkillUp involve?

  • A Self-assessment giving you access to a wide range of courses suited to you. 

  • Choosing the appropriate course based on your skill gap requirements. 

  • Increasing your internal role mobility and employability by improving your digital skills. 

  • Increasing your earning potential and your professional chances. 

  • Discovering new things and making it possible for you to learn more about it. 

  • A range of recognised courses from industry experts like Canva, Google, Adobe and many more. 

  • Allows you to unlock your interest and learning potential.

  • Training shaped around your individual needs.

  • Micro training and with minimum time away from work, course start at just 1hr length

  • Self-paced training to suit your day.

Complete a 10-minute triage of self-assessment questions based on the persona you select, with the option of a 45-minute SFIA-based assessment for a more in-depth analysis. This provides you additional training courses as well an in-depth skills review.

Complete the feedback survey form so we can improve the training and user experience.

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