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Student Membership

Empowering international students for career success.

Join the VicWISE community today and get access to a one-stop-shop for your career development. For just $14.95 per year, you'll connect with industry professionals, access a vast array of resources, and attend free networking events to expand your network.

Membership Benefits

Have access to various opportunities, including building a network and connecting with industry professionals, casual or professional job opportunities, free access to all VicWISE events, and attending workshops led by industry experts to meet other students with similar interests.

Employment Pathway


Students can access affordable psychologists and counsellors through VicWISE, who are multilingual. This includes students who may be exposed to gambling harm, who can receive mental health support free of charge.

Mental Health


NILs (No Interest Loans) offer international students access to safe, fair, and affordable credit without any interest, fees or additional charges.

No Interest Loans (NILs)


Our organisation collaborates with local communities to assist students in locating free, second-hand items like laptop and mobile phone. You will also be given access to information about nearby food banks where you can obtain free food items and ingredients.

Food & Essentials


VicWISE is committed to spreading awareness about domestic violence. We collaborate with organisations across Victoria to organise workshops and activities to educate people on how to seek help if they encounter or witness domestic violence.

Domestic Violence


In Australia, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of your rights, especially those pertaining to work, tenancy, consumerism, and employment. In case you feel that your rights have been infringed upon, VicWISE is here to aid you in connecting with the correct organisation to seek assistance.

Know Your Rights


We work with local community associations to help students find free second-hand furniture that is still in good condition. We also help students find support relating to accommodation and rental housing.



VicWISE has provided me with a space to learn new skills and meet interesting people, whose goals align with each other - contribute back to the community and enhance skills.

Seng Hoarng On

University of Melbourne

Since joining VicWISE, I have been able to bolster my competency... and network with like-minded individuals.

Issac Nelapana

University of Melbourne

VicWISE is a place where there are so many like-minded people, who love discussing new ideas and unique perspectives.

Jhanvi Punjabi

Monash University


  • Becoming a student member at VicWISE comes with numerous benefits to support your career goals. As a member, you will have the opportunity to attend VicWISE events for free and be among the first to be notified about job opportunities.

    You can also connect with and learn from industry experts, grow your professional network, and be part of a community with other self-motivated students and graduates. Additionally, you can benefit from VicWISE's services and offerings, such as a free AI-generated resume, the No Interest Loans program, and mental health support.

  • The student membership cost for VicWISE is $25/year (including GST). Unfortunately, there is no discount available at this time. However, for the price of less than a cup of bubble tea or coffee a month, you can gain access to exclusive resources, networking events, and other opportunities that can help jump start your career.

  • To become a VicWISE student member, click on the “Become a member” button at the bottom of this page or click on this link. We will ask you a few questions to get a better understanding of your goals and aspirations so we can tailor the experience and further improve our offerings and services.

  • You can find out about upcoming events and opportunities on our website and social media (Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn). We update these frequently so make sure to follow us and turn on our push notifications!

  • Student memberships are valid for 12 months and give you exclusive access to a vast amount of resources both in person and online. This includes downloadable content and because of that we do not offer refunds.


We love questions and we hope the answers to frequently asked questions are helpful. If your questions are not answered here, feel free to send us an email on

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