Manorani Guy

Manorani Guy
President & Co-founder

Manorani Guy was born in Malaysia with Chinese/Indian heritage. She is the founder and director of "Asian Student Accommodation" (ASA) and “Asian Student Education" (ASE) in Melbourne and holds a degree in Psychology, Business Management and a Diploma in International Education.

She brings more than 23 years of professional experience in student accommodation / welfare and has developed her own in-house program to cater to the needs of international students in the 21st century within her business.

Mano shares a deep passion in all aspects of international educational and during her spare time volunteers for the ISANA International Education Association Inc. of Australia, a nonprofit organisation.

She sits on several committees and has learned to truly harness the power of working in and amongst diverse groups throughout her career and is a master at collaboration within the international sector and externally with other partners. She currently manages 4 projects and firmly believes that teamwork and partnerships is the key to their success within Victoria.

She uses this prowess to lead the celebration of inclusion, diversity and acceptance through cross-sector and community collaborations.

Mano’s passion and enthusiasm for collaborative disruption is undeniable. She leads the charge and asks all of us to step up, and seek opportunities to be the change, remove the blocks holding us back from making changes that matter. 

She firmly believes that sometimes the smallest voice can make a difference and wonderful things can be achieved.