Pratik Ambani

Pratik Ambani
Sponsorship Manager

Pratik holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and has recently finished his Juris Doctor from Monash University. His career aspiration is to work in Consulting or Project Management sector where he can utilise his technical knowledge as well as insights from legal studies to better solve complex problems in various facets of client projects.

He is currently working in the Law Faculty at Monash University in Marketing & Engagement team and has worked as an Event Coordinator and as a Research Assistant in his stint with the University.

Pratik was the President of the Australian Federation of International Students (AFIS) in 2018 and is the Co-Founder of Monash Cultural & Lingual Appreciation Network (M-CLAN). He has participated in various volunteering roles that have helped him gain valuable leadership experience and cultural awareness.

He is currently the member of the Executive Board of and Sponsorship Manager for VicWISE. He took this volunteering role to help improve the employment prospects and employability of fellow international students.