Victorian Working Group on International Student Employability

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International Student Employability

Our Mission

Our Mission
VicWISE - the Victorian Working group on International Student Employability is a non-profit association with a single mission: To help International Students unlock opportunities for Employment. 

The Working group consists of all the 8 major Universities in Melbourne, Victorian TAFEs, Private Colleges and a number of employers who are all passionate about championing employability for international students.

The VicWISE mission is founded on 4 guiding principles:
1. Promoting international student employability - helping employers unlock a dynamic talent pool of skilful, loyal and resilient employees.

2. Advocating for international students - empowering students adjust and overcomes barriers to employment in Australia.

3. Supporting the higher educator sector - working closely with education providers to help their students achieve employment in Australia.

4. Collaborating with industry and government partners - fostering greater participation amongst key employers in unleashing this engine of growth and innovation. 


Executive Board

Manorani Guy


Astrid Hofmann

Vice President

Karmainy Thiang


Gary Lee

Marketing Manager

Angelique Zakkas

Membership Manager

Pratik Ambani

Sponsorship Manager

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Benefits of hiring an International Student - Find out how!

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Develop a Comprehensive Career Plan

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Legal Aid and Employment Rights

A fair day's wage for a fair day's work

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Do more with your time in Australia

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A recount of the VicWISE networking event and its outcomes.

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"Each day of my life in Melbourne is never the same" - Suchitaa Swaminathan, VicWISE Volunteer

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